Everything you want to know about fair play 5-a-side

For some, fair play might mean something absolutely irrelevant, but for others is one of the golden rules of playing football. If you haven’t got the chance to learn the rules of fair play by now, you should start right from this moment. This article is meant to show you how paramount these rules are for an enjoyable game. Read these rules as many time as you need in order to understand them and start applying them whenever it is required. The fair play code summarizes all the sporting, moral and ethical principles that a player should take into account, should fight for at all times. Here are some of these rules for an ultimate behaviour in 5 aside football London:

Fair play

Victory has no value if it is obtained without morals and using dishonest techniques. It’s quite easy and convenient to cheat but such a victory should not offer you any kind of satisfaction. Playing a game correctly requires courage and a strong personality, finally resulting in more satisfaction. Fair play offers satisfaction even if you don’t actually get to win. When playing fairly you are going to gain respect, but when you are cheating you’ll surely be ashamed and feel bad about yourself. Do not forget – this is just a game and you don’t need to be so emotionally involved into it.

Playing to win

Play to win but accept defeat with dignity – this is the motto you will have to keep in mind at all times. The goal of any game is to win, or at least that is what some people think. Never prophesy to lose. If you do not play to win, you are tricking your opponents, disappointing the spectators, and you are also lying to yourself. Do not get overwhelmed by a strong opponent; at the same time don’t disregard a weaker opponent.   It is an insult to your opponent to play differently than you usually do, because they are expecting the absolute best from you. Learn to lose with dignity too – don’t get all messed up if something happens and you lose once. Do not look for excuses for defeats. The real reasons will always be obvious. Congratulate the winners with sincerity. Do not blame the referee or somebody else. Be determined to play better next time. Those who lose with dignity gain more respect than those who do not know how to lose. Five aside football in London is setting up all the rules for you.

Respect your teammates and your opponents  

Fair play means respect and that’s the reason why you will have to pay attention to all the participants to the game, including referees, officials and spectators. Respect is part of the game. The referees are there to maintain discipline and rules going. You have absolutely no reason to disrespect anyone in the game.