Essential Supplies for Starting Your Own Veggie Garden

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and protect your health and the health of your family, consider growing your own vegetable garden. This way you ensure that the produce is healthy and that there were no chemicals and contaminants used in the growing process. Keep in mind that in order to start your own veggie garden, you need to get some essential tools and supplies that will help you along the way. Here’s what you need.


Tilling a garden is highly important because first of all, the soil is loosened up so it’s easier now to plant your veggies. Secondly, you can use a tiller to gather yard waste and use it as organic waste, to fertilize the soil and give the plants all the nutrients they need.

LED grow lights

When winter comes, you will want to bring your plants indoors or store them in a greenhouse, but in order to ensure that they will stay healthy and not wither and die, invest in some LED grow lights. LED grow lights are a worthy investment, because you will see the positive effects almost immediately.

Irrigation system

It’s highly important to water your vegetables almost regularly or depending on their needs. When choosing a water system, make sure to take into account the size of the garden. A watering can will work for small gardens but for large gardens, opt for a sprinkler.


There are different types of vegetables that need support in order to grow upward, such as tomatoes or cucumbers. A good trellis will provide support so that the plant grows upward and hold the fruit’s weight. Vegetables like peas and beans don’t require support but if you want to make sure that the plant will grow upward and that the produce doesn’t end up on the soil and rots, you can also use a trellis in this case.


In order to reach their maximum growth potential, vegetables need a bit of help. A good tip would be to use organic waste to fertilize the soil and ensure that the plants get all the minerals they need to grow healthy. You can also use compost bought from local gardening stores, as long as it doesn’t contain chemicals or other harmful substances.

Rain collection barrels

Starting your own vegetable garden is not an easy thing to do and it’s definitely not that affordable. If you want to lower the costs on the utility bills and save water, consider opting for a natural alternative to water your plants. Rainwater is a food solution because it’s free of contaminants and pollutants such as chlorine, which can be very harmful to your plants. Consider placing barrels in your yard to collect rain water.