Encore Job Ideas for Retirees

In the last decades, the employment rate for people over 65 has risen above any other demographics. In the United States, the number of elderly workers increased by 101 percent, while with the overall workforce it increased only by 59 percent. Millions of retirees are choosing a second career mainly because they want to stay active, give back to the community or can’t afford to retire. Post-retirement workers can have a hard time finding a job in this troubled economy. Although the market is tight, there are some job sectors that can put the experience of retirees to good use. Here are 4 great second job ideas for post-retirement workers:

1. Education

The educational field can be a great encore career because it will be the third fastest-growing job sector in the following decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, many public schools are faced with a serious teacher shortage because of drastic budget cuts. This is a great opportunity for retirees with teaching experience who can work as substitute teachers, library aids or teacher’s aids. There is also a high-demand for preparation tutors. If you do not have any experience in teaching, you can complete a master’s degree in education in one or two years.

2. Nurses

Retired nurses have many part-time job prospects, especially in home health care where they work with patients who require continuous care and the permanent presence of medical personnel. This is one of the best job ideas for retirees because they don’t have to cover the whole day or work long hours. Moreover, the shifts are flexible and you can work just a few days per week while earning more than 60$ an hour.

3. Park Guide

Those outdoor lovers retirees who want to stay active, a park guide is one of the greatest job ideas. The National Park Service hires more than 20,000 people to work in the park because of the abundance of visitors. Approximately 280 million Americans visited the national parks in 2010. Park guides can work in the visitors center and answer questions about the attractions or make presentations.

4. Temp Jobs

Temporary office work is a good way to earn money and have a flexible program. Contrary to the fact that more and more people are applying for this kind of job because of the high unemployment levels, numbers show an increasing demand for experienced temp workers in fields such as accounting, law, administration and finance. The first step is to sign up with a large recruitment service and submit your résumé. Furthermore, you can even apply for a full time position together with a friend.