Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Pool

Having a pool is without any doubt a dream came true. You will have the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with your family and friends. This is actually the beautiful part of having a pool because the less beautiful part is the maintenance of your pool. A pool definitely requires regular cleaning. Here are some easy tips for cleaning your pool.

Vacuum your pool

You will probably find hard to believe that a pool can be vacuumed, but this is actually possible and above all, necessary. You will find on the specific market, many types of pool vacuums. In case you don’t know what to choose, you could talk to someone specialized and ask for some advice. In case you choose a manual pool vacuum, you will need to use it exactly like you would hoover your carpet. On the other hand, if you choose a robotic pool cleaner, it won’t be necessary for you to do anything because this clever machine will do the whole job for you. We recently read a review of Logan Hewitt of a top rated pool cleaner, that can even climb the steps of the pool. Most pool cleaners can clean the floor of the pool, some of the best ones do a great job cleaning the walls, but only the best of the best can climb steps or avoid obstacles. A robot pool cleaner will remove the debris, the leaves and other materials that are usually found in a pool. An automated pool cleaner can be quite expensive in comparison with a manual pool vacuum, but it definitely worth the money. It is recommended to vacuum your pool once a week, in order to have clear and clean water. Click here if you want to read some reviews and compare the best robotic pool cleaners.

Brush the walls and tiles of your pool

Brushing the walls and tiles of your pool is another important step you need to follow in order to have a clean pool. If doing this weekly, you will prevent the calcium and algae deposits. Before you actually go and buy the cleaning tools, you need to know what material has been used for making the walls and tiles of your pool. You don’t want to scratch and damage the walls or tiles, using the wrong cleaning tools. Depending o the material, you will know exactly what cleaning tools to choose for the tiles and walls of your pool.

Clean your pool filter

It is recommended to clean your pool filter periodically. There are three types of pool filters and they all need periodic cleaning. You should talk to a specialist to come and regularly check if the filter needs cleaning or not. Depending on how often you use your pool, you will need to clean the filter several or fewer times. It is important that the pool filter is clean at all times for correct operation.

Test the pH level

In order to maintain the pool neatness, it is recommended to test the pH level at least three times a week so to make sure the pool is safe to use. You will only need a pH tester, that you can find at a local store and once you have selected it, use it to check the pool’s pH levels. It should range between 7.2 and 7.6, if it is outside these ranges, it is recommended to use either a pH reducer or a pH increaser. Apply the right amount until the water reaches the proper pH range. After all, despite the method you will choose, it is important to sanitize the water so you can enjoy healthy and pleasant soaking. If the pool is regularly cleaned, you will not have to deal with nasty situations anymore. In this case, maintenance will become a breeze, and you can reliably relax, with no potential hazards.