Dos and don’ts when living with a host family

Studying abroad comes with a series of great advantages and some examples are the chance to broaden your horizons, to learn more about other cultures and to improve your language skills. However, one important aspect that needs to be taken into serious consideration from months before actually going abroad is looking for proper student accommodation Liverpool Universities. It is worth mentioning that many students in the past years have decided to live with a host family instead of dorms or rented apartments. Here is a useful guide host students should know about.

Be respectful

It is highly important to show respect to your host family for the entire period while you are staying at them. Ask about the house rules, because it is better to know about them from the very beginning than to learn about them the moment you do something that might put you or the host family in an uncomfortable situation.

Do not expect them to use English for your sake

The moment you go and study in a country where the national language is different from your native one, you should not expect that everyone would be fluent in English or in your native language. It is recommended to learn the new foreign language before arriving to your host country, because it will be a lot easier for you to communicate with the locals and with the host family. Take some private lessons or study it on your own in order to know at least the basics of that language.

Do not be too picky

Living with a host family implies living with them under the same roof, showing respect to their house rules and eating the same food as all the members of that family eat. Do not be too picky about this aspect, because you will only be creating uncomfortable situations. Have the courage to experience some dishes that are totally different from what you were accustomed to back at home. You will never know if you like the food or not if you do not try it.

Do not expect your host family to be similar to your own family

Every family has its own rules and traditions, but when it comes to families from two different countries things are even more different. Do not expect to find the same attitude or the same rules in your host family’s house as the ones in your own family. You might not be as coddled as you were back home or have the same level of independence as home, so be prepared for these situations. It is important to remember that you should not treat your host house like a hotel where you come and go as you please without showing respect to your host parents.

Expect to fall in love with your host family

Despite all the cultural differences between you and your host family and all those awkward moments, you should expect to fall in love with them. Thinking about living with a second host family will be quite hard, no matter how many differences are between you and the other members.