Don’t fall for locksmith scams – experts’ advice

  Regardless of the type of house you live in, whether it is a big one with a huge garden in the back, a big loft or a small studio apartment, you want to feel safe and secure. You have probably wondered more than once whether or not you have locked your home when you left, since you want to ensure your house is protected and has a highly secured locking system. Working with a professional locksmith such as http://fusionlocksmiths.com.au/ is mandatory in such situations, yet you have to be aware of these essential aspects in order not to fall for locksmith scams.  

Thorough selection process

The first thing you have to do the moment you decide to resort to the services of a locksmith is to start some research. The Internet should become your best friend now, since chances are you will find more locksmiths on the World Wide Web than from reading ads on street pillars. Make a list of the locksmiths you have found online operating in Sydney and in the surrounding suburbs and look for their main characteristics that differentiate them from each other. It will make the selection process a lot easier. Ask for recommendation as well, because knowing what other people’s opinions on the locksmith services they were provided with in the past can help you determine whether a specific company in this industry is trust-worthy or not.

Choose licensed technicians only

It is crucial that you ask the technician to show you their license and identification BEFORE you sign up a contract with them and ask them to come to your house. Do not forget about this aspect, since if you do, chances for you to fall victim of a scam are extremely high. When the technician comes to your place, make sure you pay attention even to small details, such as the car they are driving, whether or not it has the company logo printed on, whether or not they came wearing a uniform with the company logo embroidered on, the way they talk to you and explain to you what the process of replacing the door lock actually implies.

Consider these aspects too

  • Clear and easy to understand contract terms – a professional company providing locksmith services guarantee their customers all contract terms are easy to understand and the company is ready to answer any type of question they may have.
  • The price – it is definitely an important criteria in selecting a locksmith company. In order to benefit from the best results, it is advisable you avoid going for the companies that offer the lowest price on the market, no matter how tempting it may be. Yet, this doesn’t mean you have to opt for the most expensive one either. Just make sure that the company that fits your budget is a trust-worthy one. A self-respecting company will not provide different prices depending on the area in which they operate, whether it is St George Area, Sutherland Shire or Eastern Suburbs.
  • Written estimates –you should require for them before the locksmith starts working on your door. In case they refuse to offer you any written estimates, you should consider this a clear sign they are not reliable technicians and start looking for other ones.