Choosing and displaying art – foolproof tips

  Artists and gallery owners create and handle pieces of art every single day. Therefore, recognizing and understanding a great painting comes naturally, just like breathing. However, the situation changes when you are a homeowner that simply wants to enhance an interior space because you can easily get lost in the multitude of styles and types of wall art available. The reality is that you do not have the necessary education regarding color, texture and content in order to make the right choices but it does not mean that you should give up on your desire of beautifying your home with some visually appealing pieces. The bright side is that if your home includes neutral flooring and furniture, you can feel free to break the rules when it comes to decorating your walls. Thus, do not hesitate to make irrational and unique choices. Art represents a way of expressing yourself and even though you do not have the ability to paint or draw, you can display it in your room.

Useful tips for choosing art pieces

First, do not think of art as an accessory for your walls but rather as a method of expressing your deeper self. For this reason, you need to find the perfect place and the right piece to display it. This can prove to be an intimidating task but if you continue reading the article, you will discover foolproof tips that will help you in this regard. Obviously, exploring and selecting pieces from the wall art available in different galleries but also online websites like otomo.co.uk as well as becoming familiar with artists represents the beginning of your journey. Try to establish where you fit in: photographs, paintings or sculpture. You can even opt for a combination between those three as long as you do not overwhelm the eye. Always remember, the main idea is not to cover your walls with something interesting in order to prevent boredom but to highlight significant elements that express a part of your thoughts and feelings.

Important rules for displaying art

Secondly, you must determine the amount of space you plan to dedicate to the artwork, which means that you also need to find pieces that fit into the respective space. Apparently, experts advise covering two-thirds of the wall. In terms of contemporary art, size matters because it has a greater impact so the bigger the better. Another rule concerning artwork is to place the artistic elements at the eye level. Think if you or your guests sit or stand more in the chosen room because this will enable you to identify the exact height. If you decide to position the artwork above a piece of furniture, make sure that you leave between 6 and 12 inches space between them. You can choose to hand the wall décor by yourself or hire a professional. Apparently, the size of the art pieces also contributes to the price meaning that large-scale paintings or photographs require a bigger financial investment, If you cannot afford making that investment, you can go with smaller pieces that you can group together on the wall.