Changing a life: why more couples should consider adoption

Whether because of postpartum depression, mental illness, lack of resources necessary for raising a child, abusive partner, illegal drugs addiction, religious beliefs, teenage or accidental pregnancies, many mothers, regardless of the age, decide to give up their babies for adoption. Obviously, in most cases, such a decision comes with overwhelming negative emotions but the mother at least has the peace of mind that she tried to give her child a better life. Unfortunately, some people still judge mothers for their incredibly difficult choice and even worse, others do not even consider adoption for various reasons including prejudice, finances, fear and sometimes even ignorance and selfishness. Indeed, in some states, the adoption process is time-consuming and costly, which definitely does not help children to find a new home fast. In what concerns prejudice, racism has nothing to do with it; it just refers to the prejudicial mindset shared by numerous people across the globe. Adopting a child demands a huge financial, emotional and spiritual investment and some people are not ready for it.

Compelling reasons for which couples decide to adopt

If you are part of the minority, which represents couples who want to adopt, you probably discussed this decision every single day, simply because you want to avoid making a huge mistake. Despite what others might think, the mistake does not refer to adopt a baby, but to adopting a baby without being prepared for the responsibility that comes with it. For this reason, couples should learn more about the process before taking any action. Yes, the most common reason for which couples choose to adopt is that, after numerous attempts of conceiving a baby, the result was not in their favor. Other cases include women who are not in a relationship and do not plan to have a partner in the near future but they want desperately to experience the bliss of motherhood, people who do not want to pass down genetic diseases and couples who want to avoid pregnancy complications. However, these represent situations that practically force people to opt for adoption. Couples should not choose adoption because they have to; adopting a child is a wonderful thing.

Couples should not view adoption as a necessity, but as a choice

The main reasons for which more couples should consider adoption involve changing a life by giving a child loving parents and a stable home, expanding a beautiful family, experiencing the joy of parenthood, the possibility of choosing the sex of the baby, contributing to the universal good by not contributing to overpopulation, which has become a concerning problem in recent years. Some people do not even need a reason for making such an important decision. They choose to adopt because they want to and they do not care about others judging them because people are going to judge you anyway, regardless of what you do. This represents a praiseworthy mindset and attitude because nobody should make decisions while paying attention to others’ opinions, which most of the time are negative and irrelevant. You cannot go wrong when you want to do good.