Buy a recliner and forget about back pain

  Doctors confirm that most of the times, people come to them for help in relation to back pain, which represents a common inconvenience particularly in elders or people with disabilities. Even though back pain can have many causes, fortunately, they can also provide many treatments to fight it. One of the recommendations doctors give to these patients for home care is purchasing and using a recliner. People do not hesitate to invest great amounts of money every year in order to get rid of back pain. According to specialized doctors, just by walking those people put strain on the spine. However, there are many other reasons for which you could end up with back up including suffering an injury during sports, remaining in the same position for a long period (usually at the workplace), carrying too much weight and ultimately, stress. In women, pregnancy also represents a cause that leads to back pain but how many of these people tried to explore chairs & recliners that could help them in this situation?

How recliners help with back pain

The main reasons for which doctors suggest their patients to purchase a recliner is that it practically represents a pain reliever. By taking the weight off, your back will no longer have to suffer. Moreover, sitting in the recliner is better than having a straight position because in the latter situation you still contract the muscles. The best way to fight back pain is to be completely relaxed and a recliner is the perfect tool just for that. You can sit or even take a nap in the recliner but remember that it is better to keep your feet up. This solution is not only effective for back pain but also for other medical conditions like varicose veins because it fights inflammation. You should look for a recliner that gives you the possibility to sit in multiple angles.

Should you purchase a massage recliner?

However, do not purchase or use a recliner without consulting your doctor first because he knows exactly the nature or severity of your back pain, which means that he could guide you through the process and give you some useful pieces of advice. For instance, he could advise you to choose a massage recliner because they are very useful if you experience spasms or muscle tightness. If you do not experience these symptoms, then you probably do not need a massage recliner and you can stick to a basic one.

Recovering after surgery – does a recliner help?

Nevertheless, if you have difficulties breathing properly during sleep, then using the recliner will help because a semi-reclined position is ideal if you suffer from sleep apnea. Some people wonder if using a recliner will improve their life after surgery. Some doctors suggest that recliner are good for people recovering after a hip replacement surgery or open heart surgery but as mentioned above, the best thing you could do is to discuss with your own doctor about your situation and decide if purchasing a recliner for this purpose is a smart move.