Business stationery – impress your clients with these details

Do you want to make your brand look as professional as possible? Then you might need to invest in stationery. Even though most businesses moved in the online field, trends changed and some people might prefer printed materials over the never-ending social media campaigns that you have to scroll on your phone for. Stationery is very important when you want to set a tone for your brand. Involving yourself in the process and choosing materials that are specific and unique could distinguish your company from others that don’t seem to put a lot of effort into this sector.

Business cards

The first thing that may pop in your head when thinking about business stationery refers to business cards. Business cards are the one image that reflects how your brand looks like and the element that will make potential clients remember your company. The experts at Kiasu Print Pte Ltd state that quality stationery can increase the profits of a company visibly if used in the right manner. Think about that when you design and print your business cards and don’t forget to do it in a large number. Styling your business card considering the latest design principles is going to matter tremendously later, when you’ll have to respect the same branding scheme you chose for your company.


The letterheaded paper is a traditional type of stationery that businesses use in order to communicate important information to their clients or to simply handle their documents. The letter paper is decorated with certain details related to the company, including its name, logo, address and other corporate design details that have to do with the branded image of the business. Letterheads are a great way to let people know that your company is the one sending the respective paperwork, without them having to wonder. Plus, letterheads give a sense of professionalism to the company’s brand. You can find letterhead printing services here: https://www.kiasuprint.com/cheap-letterhead-printing-in-singapore/.          

Comp Slips

You can’t invest into letterheads without buying compliments slips. These paper slips are also printed with the company’s details, making it easy for people to remember the branded image of the business. These can be used for both formal and informal letters, depending on the situation in which the company wants to send correspondence. Sending a letterhead without a compliments slips is not recommended and most printing companies offer this service together. It’s paramount to style the lettering according to the brand of your company before printing the materials out. Once you checked twice, go ahead and print out everything you need.


If your business is high-class and you have important messages to deliver to partners or investors, you can use seals. Even though it seems old-school, seals can really make a difference between cheap stationery and an expensive one. If you are planning to send official letters soon, choosing a seal that is added to the paperwork next to the company’s logo could impress. This is a top-notch upgrade that only some businesses should make.