Best Places to Visit for a Zen Holiday

A lot of modern people are adopting the Zen style to relieve stress, and live peacefully. When planning a vacation, people who live Zen will search for places to visit where they can enjoy a Zen holiday in peace. Here is a list of the best places to visit to take a much needed Zen holiday.

Kyoto, Japan

Japan has an undeniable beauty, a beauty which keeps tourists coming back to visit it as many times as they can. But be aware of the fact that Japan has a lot of cities that are filled with infernal noise, have heavy traffic, and are heavily polluted. Enjoy a true Zen location by going to the small city of Kyoto, Japan. It is a small and compact city, that has a lot of Zen gardens filled with freshly raked sand, and rock formations that are inspired by haiku. This place seems like it has been blocked in time, and remained this way for people to truly find themselves when they visit it. Imagine doing your daily hour of meditation in one of these Zen gardens, sitting and admiring the flowers, and the whole ensemble.

Bangalore, India

If you intend on having a peaceful Zen holiday, where you would admire beautiful sights, breathe fresh air, and do calming exercises, than you have to go to Bangalore, India. After all, India is the home of yoga, therefore it won’t be hard at all to find a yoga instructor in your proximity and start exercising your body and mind. Bangalore has a gorgeous yoga retreat that is set on over 25 acres of land filled with lush landscapes that are kept in good shape through organic gardening techniques. Also, at this yoga retreat you can get a complete spa treatment, there are meditation classes, and you can enjoy great food as well. The conclusion is that Bangalore is a great place to visit for spending a Zen holiday, and it’s not a very expensive destination either.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre, or translated in English, the Five Lands, is a rugged portion of coast of the Italian Riviera. People have built terraces on the steep landscape that leads right up to the cliffs, overlooking the beautiful sea. This picture reminds of Greece and it’s stunning locations. But now we are talking about Zen places to visit, and this is definitely the right choice. It’s isolated, beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. Enjoy the Italian food and the incredible view while on vacation here as well. You certainly won’t get to live moments like that in any other location.