Bedroom organization hacks – living a minimalist life

Less stuff means more space for you. Living a minimalist life can entirely change your perspectives. People are used to buying a lot of things that don’t actually have any purpose into their lives other than cluttering the space they live in. This is why it’s important to know what items are truly valuable in your life and stop wasting space with the ones that have no relevance in your daily routine. The more decluttered the space is, the easier you will clear your mind and soul. A clean house with less items in it offers you more space for living. Your journey with minimalism will start off abrupt, but will make a huge change in your life. You’ll engage in decluttering your home, going paperless, shopping only for needs instead of wants and other small details that will influence your life. Start here – organize your bedroom by following these tips:

Store or throw these away

If you don’t want to completely throw away the items that you bought, but never used, you can look for storage units Chula Vista and take them there. Usually, the things you don’t need take up the most space inside your bedroom and you are deprived from enjoying a beautiful atmosphere inside the room where you should get your relaxation. It’s important to declutter and get rid of:
  • Clothes that you no longer wear (they require storage spaces such as bulky wardrobes that you can get rid of once you select the clothes that you wear only)
  • Items that you haven’t used since forever
  • Items that are broken (even though you say you’ll fix them, you won’t any sooner)
  • Items that have no value to you (these can be decoration items or furniture pieces)
Once you’ve got rid of these items, you have more space for yourself and for putting together that minimalist bedroom that will influence the way you live. Include just a few furniture items, a comfortable bed and the things you use daily here. 

Bring indoor plants

Indoor plants will entirely change the look of your bedroom. Moreover, they have numerous health benefits and they influence your mood. Indoor plants are the most recommended decoration items if you want to live a minimalist life. The easiest to maintain green are:
  • The Bamboo Palm
  • The Snake Plant
  • The Golden Pothos
  • Lady Palm
  • Aloe
  • English Ivy
Each plant has different requirements in terms of lighting and how often you should water them. Check these requirements before bringing the plants into your bedroom.

Bye, white walls!

Minimalism is not all about white walls. You can choose neuter colors that are not as monotone as white walls. Try shades of green, grey or warm oranges. Variations of deep blue for accent walls are great, as well as yellows of all sorts. For a bedroom that’s more serious, try shades of grey that look like charcoal and combine them with a light accent color such as coral pink or citron.