A contemporary designer’s guide to decorating your home

  A common prejudice until a few years ago in terms of modern, contemporary interior designs was that those are minimalistic, unwelcoming and cold. Well, in fact, nowadays designers have found some incredible ways to create a welcoming, astounding interior design that also falls into the “contemporary” category. If you’re curious what pieces of advice designers want us to know when it comes to this decorating style, keep reading below.

Use colour mindfully

Neutral colour, such as greys, blacks, whites and beige are those colours you will preponderantly find in contemporary designs. But fear not, your home will not be a dull, lifeless one. Professional designers advise us to include some accent colours and elements. This will create a bright and bold space and will assure you that your home, while decorated in a contemporary fashion, remains welcoming and friendly. Consider using neutral colours for your walls as well, as this will create a perfect backdrop for all your astounding furniture lines and bold accent colours.

Contemporary style furniture is a must

Generally, contemporary style furniture makes a statement. From designer bedroom furniture to your living room furniture and kitchen furniture, the lines should be sharp, the clean and smooth, without any sort of decorations and curves. This will also create the perfect context to add some accent elements. For instance, designers advise pairing this type of furniture with soft elements. Sheepskins make a perfect choice for a bedroom design, as they increase the cosiness and the welcoming atmosphere. Also, in other areas of your home you might want to consider adding various textures and fabrics. Wool and velvet make perfect choices as these will soften the sharp furniture.

Lighting and art

Lighting and art should also concern you if want decorating a contemporary home. Indirect light seems to complement the best this type of design, as the visual effect created will put your furniture in the best perspective. If you have some art pieces, use some spot lights to emphasize those. Be mindful with your art work. Geometric designs and abstract paintings will make a great difference. When it comes to framing those, you want to make sure that you pick either glossy or matte elements, either plain wood or metallic ones. This will make your entire home to come beautifully together.

Flooring matters

Go for the Scandinavian flooring style. Grey laminated floors work wonderfully in this type of homes because they have the ability to create more coherence in terms of “core” elements. Decorate those with rugs in geometrical patterns or with softer elements, in your bedroom. This will boost your home’s appeal and will create an amazingly welcoming atmosphere. These are some elements interior designers want us to pay attention to when choosing a contemporary design for our homes. This type of decorating manner shouldn’t result in a cold and harsh living environment, but rather in one that has the ability to put the available space in the perfect light.