5 Job Opportunities Without a College Degree

Today, millions of graduate students walk out of universities with a diploma and realize that they don’t have many job opportunities. They have to face a challenging economy with high unemployment rates and manage to pay off their student loans. Working employees without a college degree have little or no debt and have spent the last years gaining experience and making a profit. Furthermore, some college graduates realize that the field they have chosen is not rewarding, and decide to pursue a career in another field. Many wonder if college is really worth it, although there is no simple way to answer this question. Here are 5 high paying jobs without a college degree:

1. Insurance Agent

Most insurance companies employ individuals that don’t have a college degree. Everybody needs insurance, consequently there are many jobs opportunities. An insurance agent can sell life insurance, health insurance, casualty insurance and car insurance. Some even get a monthly commission from each insurance contract. You can work as an independent insurance agent or sell only for a certain company. The average starting salary can reach $26,000.

2. Licensing examiners and inspectors

Licensing Examiners and Inspectors investigate, examine and evaluate eligibility or liability for permits and licenses. A high school diploma is usually requires and some previous work-related skills or experience can be a plus. Some employees might request a few months of training.

3. Executive assistant

An executive assistant provides administrative support such as preparing reports, conducting research, planning events, arranging conference calls and attending meetings. There are a lot of great job opportunities in this field that can help you gain experience you can use in the future. For example, if you are the manager’s assistant, you can use the management knowledge if you decide to found your own company. Moreover, it is a great way to make connections and it also pays off: the average starting salary is approximately $29,000.

4. Heating or refrigeration mechanic

A HVAC or HVACR technician can repair refrigeration, heating, cooling or ventilation system installed in different types of business like private homes or office buildings. These kind of devices often break and air conditioning, for example, is crucial on a hot summer day, therefore there are many job opportunities. The starting salary for a heating or refrigeration mechanic is $26,000.

5. Gaming Supervisors

A gaming supervisor has the main task of coordinating the activities in a gaming arena. A supervisor observes the operations and makes sure each game and station is covered at all time. They can also answer questions about the operating rules and organize other activities for guests. Job prospects are better for those with previous experience or vocational and technical training. A gaming supervisor requires a license from the State casino control board or other agency.