2013 Mitsubishi i

What do you think about electric cars? Are you a supporter of changes or you prefer to be conservative and not adapt to the future conditions? This question is very appropriate for the field of transport and particularly for cars! There are millions of cars worldwide, maybe billions and their number is permanently increasing! From this point of view, knowing how to make plans for the following twenty years is quite a virtue! Thus, if you want to buy a new car and do not know where to start, we suggest you to take into account the economic factor. You can start by thinking if you need a car that uses electricity or gasoline and the money that you are going to pay after having bought it. Even though at a first glance it would be an awful thing to take into account, because when you buy a car you usually feel very excited and do not think about the financial factor, the reality is rather different. Start by looking at the new 2013 Mitsubishi i and the fact that this electric car is not only available at a low price, but its level of efficiency is quite high. What is typical to electric cars is the fact that they are very narrow and many people would reject the idea of buying them if they have families. For example, how would you take your family to a trip in such a car? It is very uncomfortable and this idea would be a totally wrong one. On the other hand, for the people who are very concerned about where they work, how much money they spend on gasoline, how easily they can find a parking place and how they can solve all their duties using a car, 2013 Mitsubishi i is a great option. Some technical details about this car are related to the fact that it has 66 horsepower (which is more than encouraging for a small car) and a number of 145 lb-ft. to the wheels. Note down the fact that this car has a 16-kWh lithium ion battery, right below the chassis and you can go with it for 62 miles. Seems quite encouraging, isn’t it? If yes, we invite you to improve your general image about this car and maybe buy your own! After all, we all need to recognize the fact that electric cars represent our future vehicles! In this case, why not preparing from this moment?