2013 Fiat 500e

Nowadays, buying a car is a very important decision and if you take into account that cars are no more a luxury, but a necessity, things become even more complicated! For example, what would you choose between buying an electric car and a fuel-engine-based one? Would you be brave enough to make a sudden change and go for the zero emission or you would keep the tradition of your parents and would buy a strong car based on gasoline? The number one suggestion we have for a zero emission car is 2013 Fiat 500e and it seems to be quite a successful project! Thanks to the participation of Bosch, the famous performance analyst, this car has easily proved its high standards and its reason to be so well-known already. The top three elements that almost every man would think of represent either the power or the battery and the motor. Think that all these were created by the engineers of Fiat in cooperation with Bosch. Even the 500e features has a lot to prove regarding the cars powered by gas. It is a lot more advanced than the latter ones and the list of advantages goes one. The headlights of 2013 Fiat 500e are round and its overhangs are more than suitable for every exigent driver. The same positive things have to be mentioned about the aerodynamics and the 1.4-liter four-cylinder with MultiAir. Imagine an engine of 111 horsepower and an 83 kWatt motor that uses electricity. The battery has a 97-cell lithium-ion right under the floor of the car and if you make a comparison with the MultiAir engine, it appears that this one is even 10 times more powerful. There are plenty of details to mention about this car and there have been written numerous reports regarding the level of efficiency and the usefulness of such an impressive car, but you have to make your own research in order to understand what is best for you! Think of the members of your family, how many people you need to take into your car and for which purposes you are going to buy it! On the other hand, it would be extremely wise of you to think of how much a car with zero emission could influence your future. You need to make some predictions and see if you will be able to pay for the gasoline every time you have to or you would rather feel safer with an electric car.